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 “Tracy handled my divorce. So right from the start, the whole thing is no fun. But Tracy listened to how I wanted to handle this: not declare war on my ex, but find a way to reach a divorce agreement that protected me, and was deemed fair by everyone involved. Tracy guided me through the procedural stuff, always keeping my wishes in mind, but also pointing out areas where I was giving too much and explaining why. There were many times when I walked out of her office or got off the phone and thought, ‘wow, I’m glad she’s on my side!’ And most importantly, if a situation was at an impasse, or something was not clear, my phone rang. She would just call me, and we would talk about it, and then make a plan for how to handle it, and then Tracy would execute based on that plan. Tracy is easy to work with and a total pro. Highly recommended.”     


Outstanding work and results


Tracy is a fabulous divorce attorney. She is patient and goes above and beyond for her clients. This was a very arduous and difficult process and she was able to guide me not only legally but emotionally as well. Tracy also caught other financial mistakes on past tax returns we had as a marital couple and without her we would be paying taxes for years! I recommend Attorney Tracy Wilson to anyone going through a divorce. I truly believe that a nice balance of her work ethic and legal knowledge coupled with her great personality got me through this tough and emotional process. Thank you Tracy! 

Posted by anonymous client Feb. 2019

  Proficient and compassionate  

“Attorney Wilson is not only competent but she cares too. I felt like I was being treated as a family member rather than a client. She resolved a few legal matters for me and assisted me with a real estate transaction.”


 Attorney Wilson,

I cannot imagine had I not had your knowledge professionalism and compassion in my corner in the time of my need. You truly have saved me from a legal nightmare.

Thank you so much I will not forget what you’ve done for me.”  Thank you!  

Posted by Anonymous Client

Amazing representation - unreproachable ethics - 100% effective

I recently had an unfortunate issue happen to me which literally turned my life upside-down. I was facing a criminal charge of assault and thought that I could deal with the court system by my own devices (the truth). Upon speaking with Attorney Tracy Wilson, she explained the entire process and how appearing in court without legal representation - would be an error in judgment on my part. I immediately hired Attorney Wilson to represent me, taking charge, ensuring that I understood the proceedings and everything that was transpiring. The end result was that my voice was heard and the charges were dropped. It was an absolute pleasure to have the "peace of mind" that my best interests were her priority. She went above and beyond to make me feel like I was her only client - even doubling as a sounding board when I thought I could not cope. My confidence in her exceptional capabilities is so strong that I have referred her twice to friends; one who used her services and another who she referred to another attorney that specialized in the type of law necessary - both individuals were extremely happy with their representation. Tracy Wilson is an effective, efficient attorney who actually cares for her clients. Thank you! 

Posted by anonymous client, April 17, 2019

One of the Best!

posted by anonymous client May 13, 2019

Tracy went above and beyond for us!  I cannot believe how well she handled the case.  No other lawyer would have done what she did for us!  Thanks.    


My family had an immediate requirement for legal representation. Without stating the obvious; attorney Tracy Wilson was a beacon of strength for us. She stood by my family in the way a sibling would; I can not express in words how she guided us thru the unforeseen tragedy. I speak for my entire family when I say - Tracy is an exceptional attorney who will bend over backwards to ensure that justice prevails. I recommend Attorney Tracy Wilson to anyone who needs a straightforward, competent, no nonsense representative who knows the law inside and out. 

posted by an anonymous client,  September 28, 2019 



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